Mkhombo - May 2003
I had bought a ticket to fish the annual WDL open competition at Klippies on the Workers day holiday.  I was fortunate to pocket R500 for the second biggest carp at this comp last year.  Monday evening and Christo Pienaar invites me to join him at Renosterkop in Mpumalanga for a last attempt at catching some Kurper before it becomes too cold.  I have not caught Kurper in May before but as we were experiencing an extended autumn, I agreed to join him and forfeit the WDL competition.  I contacted Don who agreed to join me on my boat.

We were anchored in 2m of water amoungst a forest of trees by 08h00 and soon created a feeding spot between the 2 boats which were anchored approximately 20m apart.  I measured the water temperature, which came in at 20 degrees celcius and realised that this was not the preferred temperature for Kurper to feed, which is 22.5 degrees celcius.  Don put a line out for catfish with chicken livers and within the first hour, had lost 3 cats that had smashed him up in the thick structure.  I managed to pick up a Butter catfish (Makriel) on a porcupine quill float, but no sign of Kurpers. 

By 11h00, Christo's dad had managed to pick up a stray Kurper and I imagined that we would not boat many during the course of the day.  Soon afterwards we managed to boat Kurper at a regular interval and on measuring the water temperature, found it to be 22 degrees celcius.  We started landing Bream at a rate rarely experienced during the better months with the odd Carp in between. Christo had a line out baited with mealies and after being smashed at least four times managed to land a carp of about 3.5kgs. Don eventually landed a catfish of about 3kgs and got smashed up by 2 Kurper in the structure in front of us.  I also got smashed up 3 times on 4kg line, but did manage to land at least 15 Kurper for the day.  Amongst the 4 of us, we caught no less than 50 fish, including Carp, Kurper, Catfish and Makriel, with the largest Kurper for the day being a beaut of 1.52kgs.

Anticipating a real slow day with few fish, turned out to be a bumper day in May.

Christo with a 1.52kg specimen.