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Moonwater Lake - August 2002
Riding on the back of a blank two weekends ago at Klippies during a club comp, it was time to make amends. I also needed to try out the new graphite 12ft rods that Schalk van Breda had built up for me.

My family and I decided to be up early on Sunday morning (bunking church) and try out Vaaldam for the day. At 03:30 we had a power failure and therefore only managed to get up at 06:00. We therefore decided to try out a farm dam not too far from home. We arrived at the dam at 08:30 and I baited up my 1st rod with worms, knowing that apart from carp, this dam also holds a population of trout.  While I was still baiting up the 2nd rod, I noticed a bite similar to that of a muddie.  One does not normally encounter muddies on these smaller dams and therefore I thought that it may be a trout, tasting the worms.  Once the policeman lifted for the 5th time, I struck and set the hook.  The "fish" did not fight too hard and I had my daughter ready to land the first one for the day.  As I lifted the trace out of the water, I was surprised and my daughter shocked to see a platanna on each hook, the size of a grown man's hand.

After landing the 3rd platanna, I decided to go on to floaties.  The rods were baited with Aniseed floaties, half a floatie on the top hook and a whole floatie on the bottom hook.  With this combination I managed to land 12 carp during the day.  White dough dipped in a mixture of Vaaldam and Duiwelsdrek and FX on the ball, resulted in 2 additional carp.  The 14 carp weighed a total of 12.18kg.  Other dips that worked well during the day, were Ebony, Aniseed and Springbok.  The water temperature was 15 degrees celsius and the air temperature 21 degrees celsius, a good indication that the summer is moving closer.

This dam (Moonwater Lake) measures approximately 800m by 300m and a depth of about 3m at the wall.  It is within 30 minutes of Krugersdorp, has ablution facilities and has about 1km of bank to fish from.  This is an excellent breakaway with a healthy population of fish, within close proximity of the West Rand.  For further information, feel free to email me.
Moonwater Lake
Gail with a typical Moonwater Lake carp.