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Sand River Bass - October 2001
My brothers who reside in Virginia in the Free State gave me a call with reports of bass in the 5 kg class being caught in the Sand River. I know that once the rains start falling this river becomes brown and therefor making it very difficult to fish. I was due for a league match on the Sunday at Klippies and therefore decided to take a days leave for the Friday.

Friday morning at 05:00 my wife, kids and I took off to  the Free State. I arrived at the Tikwe Lodge boat launch at 07:30, paid my R50 launching fees, parted with my wallet and family (one of the perks of fishing) and launched. I fished my favourite lure in the Sand River (Mepps No 2 spinner) for about an hour with no joy. No sooner had I changed to a Rapala Fat Rap than I started picking up bass in the 500g class. Some of these fish were scarcely larger than my lure.

My old angling mate from Virginia, Macky Sinden joined me at about 10:00 and fishing continued.  We managed a good few bass, but nothing really larger than 1.5kg.  We saw some massive carp in the 5 - 12 kg and catfish in the 10 - 15kg class.  This can definitely been an artlure anglers paradise.

On Saturday, my brother KC joined me and we managed another couple of bass.  I caught my first carp on a plastic worm and actually saw the carp rush out of its cover and suck the worm intended for a shoal of smallish bass.

I saw a good couple of bass in the 2 - 5 kg range, but was unable to entice them with the lures that I presented to them.  Not being an avid bass angler, my skills and techniques need brushing up, but I am sure some of the bass masters will enjoy this venue.
KC with a fine bass at the wall.
A 3.5 kg carp caught on a plastic worm.
Some of the local kids.